Financial Institution

Keeping up with a constantly evolving industry.

Technology changes at such a rapid rate. In order to stay competitive and protected, you need access to the latest and greatest equipment. And in an industry where the latest technology is essential to everyday business, running obsolete or outmoded technology is not an option.

Leasing with CSI allows you to acquire a flexible solution that meet your ever-changing demands. Whether it’s a new product you want to offer, or protect yourself from cyber threats, or meet regulator’s demands, IT leasing enables you to stay one step ahead and react quickly. Upgrade faster and more cost-effectively, dispose of old equipment securely, and meet the rapidly changing requirements of ‘industry-standard’ software.

CSI knows your industry. We understand your workflow and the equipment that supports it. And with strict WEEE regulations to worry about, CSI is the perfect solution. Through our subsidiary CSI Lifecycle Europe, we ensure that your old IT equipment is disposed of correctly.