Oil & Gas

Intelligent IT solutions for critical industries.

IT plays a mission-critical role in the oil and gas industries, both in terms of analyzing data and developing eco-efficient solutions. Your technology should be able to change along with your business needs. CSI Leasing offers flexible and customized lease solutions to fit those needs.

With CSI, you can structure terms that support your financial and technical goals, and you have the freedom to choose your brands and suppliers. Our easy ordering process also makes fulfilling your IT requirements and keeping up with the latest technology advances simple. Install, upgrade, extend, refresh, return – all on your own timeline.

In an era where concern over privacy of data is paramount, CSI is the perfect solution. Every lease comes with complete end-of-life data security and disposal. Through our subsidiary CSI Lifecycle Europe, we can offer a full in-house solution and provide carbon-offset certificates for each leased asset.