CSI Lifecycle Europe Opens Slovakian Facility

11 July 2014

BRATISLAVA (22 JULY 2013) — CSI Lifecycle Europe, part of the CSI Leasing worldwide group of companies, is delighted to announce the opening of its new IT asset recovery facility in Bratislava, Slovakia. The facility will provide a range of services including handling lease returns, non-lease IT disposal, data wiping and data destruction. As well as Slovakia, the new facility will be providing services to clients based in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Spain and other European countries.

The new Bratislava facility is just the latest addition to an ever growing list of locations around the world designed to handle end of life IT equipment. In 2012 CSI opened a new Technical Centre in the UK, and EPC, CSI’s USA-based asset disposal subsidiary, has added two new sites in North America during 2013 to take the number of equipment processing and data sanitization centers to 10. With consistent procedures offered around the globe, CSI is well-placed to handle redundant IT equipment from both leasing customers and non-leasing customers alike.

Located on a 1,600m² site in Bratislava, CSI has signed an initial lease of 10 years signaling its long-term intentions in this area. At full capacity, the Bratislava location will be able to audit more than 700 units per day, with the warehouse operated by a team of employees who have been trained at CSI’s UK headquarters in Sheffield.

To ensure data security compliance, the testing area is networked so that up to 700 units can be wiped simultaneously using the industry-leading Blancco software. For customers who require an additional layer of security, CSI Lifecycle Europe is able to make use of an in-house DDRV (Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle). DDRVs are equipped with shredding machines to destroy hard drives and other media containing sensitive information.

“This is a significant step forward for CSI in Europe,” said Martin Kardos, CSI’s Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe. “From Bratislava we can take advantage of an excellent geographical location in Central Europe and provide the secure end of life IT services demanded by our customers,” added Kardos.

CSI opened the Bratislava facility on 12 July 2013 as part of its annual European meeting, with staff from across the continent present to witness the launch. Demand for the facility is expected to be high with the first deliveries already booked and many more scheduled to take place during the calendar year.